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Nielsen OnlineはiPhoneに焦点を絞った携帯電話業界についての調査レポートを今日(米国時間7/11)発表した。それによると、Appleはスマートフォン市場では依然、HTC、RIM、Palmに続く4位だが(この順位はここ数ヶ月で突然大きく変動しそうだ)、顧客満足度では他の引き離して首位をキープしている。(しかし今日のユーザーを調査したらどうなったことやら)。



What’s in store for the iPhone 3G?
– Nielsen Mobile reports that 3G networks can improve data transfer rates by about six times over 2G and 2.5G networks, on average
– Although some consumers may be frustrated at the mandatory in-store activation of the new iPhone, just 15% of current iPhone owners say they bought their phone online, compared to 68% who said they bought theirs in a store.
– 30% of smartphone users are likely to upgrade their device in the coming year

How many iPhones are already out there?
– Nielsen Mobile estimates that there are 2.3 million US mobile subscribers using an iPhone
– The iPhone accounts for 1% of all embedded mobile phone users in the US

How is the iPhone faring?
– HTC (25.2%), Research in Motion (23.4%), and Palm (19.3%) continue to lead the smartphone industry in market share, with Apple (11.6%) trailing in fourth place.
– Apple iPhone users report the highest overall satisfaction scores among major smartphone manufacturers
– 8% of recently acquired devices by AT&T subscribers were Apple iPhones

Who is using the iPhone already?
– Two-thirds (67%) of US iPhone users are male (compared to 48% of all mobile subscribers)
– 55% of iPhone owners are under the age of 35 (compared to 34% of all mobile subscribers)
– iPhone users tend to be more affluent with 63% earning above $75k (compared to 38% of all mobile subscribers)
– 24% of iPhone owners are Hispanic
– 9.7% of streaming video users and 4.9% of mobile internet users own an iPhone

What features do they use?
– 75% use the phones MP3 player
– 68% use the Wi-Fi functionality of the phone
– 76% send e-mail over their phone

How do iPhone users consume mobile media differently?
– 37% of iPhone users watch video on their phone (making them 10 times as likely as the average mobile consumer)
– 82% access the internet over their phone (making them 5 times as likely as the average mobile consumer)
– 17% stream music over their phone (making them 7 times as likely as the average mobile consumer)
– 20% play online games on their phone (making them 9 times as likely as the average mobile consumer)

Business or Pleasure?
– 15% say their company foots the bill
– 24% say they use their phone for business, but pay the bill themselves
– 61% say they are a personal user


(翻訳:Namekawa, U)