AppleのApp Store:新たな囲い込み


削減の対象から逃がれると思われるのがTech NetworkEngadgetを含む)で、ここは雑草のごとく伸び続け、相当な売上を生んでいる。

AOLの全従業員が、些細なものを含め出来る限り経費を節減するよう指示されている。ある社員は、無料のベーグルがなくなったことや、出張を極力減らすよう言われたことに文句を言っている。 果たして、AOLのYahooまたは別の買い手への売却準備が進むにつれ、さらに大規模なレイオフがあるのだろうか。




Obviously, I can’t give my name (and it’s not the name on this account, either), but as a writer for one of the blogs in AOL’s Weblogs, Inc. Network, I can tell you that the cuts are going pretty far beyond free fucking bagels. Pardon my language, but what we’re going through for these sites is beyond anything that could possibly be considered reasonable.

I don’t know what’s going on with Engadget and co., or the lifestyle blogs, but the gaming bloggers were told yesterday to STOP ALL POSTING. Now, after the network bosses went into the fray, our two biggest sites are cleared, but the rest of the sites are working on a 5 posts/day deal, so long as those aren’t written by international bloggers, but only US writers. Anything above and beyond that is unpaid and will be written under a staff account. Nearly everyone has agreed to post for free, including columnists, in the hopes that we will all still have jobs come August 1, when they’re telling us we’ll be back — just on a smaller budget.

Of course, we’re all speculating that this means there’s definitely a deal in the works, because there doesn’t seem to be any reason for AOL to kill the properties when the Joystiq Network was enjoying the biggest traffic month in its history. Either they’re selling us, or selling out completely, because they don’t care. If we didn’t have so many people who considered the job a labor of love, all the gaming network blogs would die.

Don’t know if any of this is usable, but I’d like to see the information out there if possible, because what AOL is putting us through is simply ludicrous.

I will answer questions if there are any that I can answer.


(翻訳:Nob Takahashi)