HP、ヤフー、インテルが共同で「Cloud Computing Test Bed」旗揚げ



昨日(米国時間7/28)お伝えした謎の発表が先ほどリリースされた。 – ヤフー、ヒューレットパッカード(HP)、インテルは「Cloud Computing Test Bed」という新クラウドコンピューティング研究推進事業の共同発表を行うようだ。利用者はこのプラットフォームを使って新アプリの開発・ローンチができる。

解説にはこうある。「世界各地に分散した、インターネット規模のテスト環境で、かつてないスケールで行うクラウドコンピューティングにかかるソフトウェア、データセンター管理、ハードウェアの諸問題の研究を推進する目的でデザインされました」  パートナーとしては他にも「Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA)」(MDAじゃないのが残念)、イリノイ大学アーバナシャンペーン校、ドイツのカールスルーエ工科大学(KIT)も加わっている。:

The test bed will initially consist of six “centers of excellence” at IDA facilities, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, the Steinbuch Centre for Computing of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, HP Labs, Intel Research and Yahoo!. Each location will host a cloud computing infrastructure, largely based on HP hardware and Intel processors, and will have 1,000 to 4,000 processor cores capable of supporting the data-intensive research associated with cloud computing. The test bed locations are expected to be fully operational and made accessible to researchers worldwide through a selection process later this year.

The test bed will leverage Yahoo!’s technical leadership in open source projects by running Apache Hadoop — an open source, distributed computing project of the Apache Software Foundation — and other open source, distributed computing software such as Pig, the parallel programming language developed by Yahoo! Research.

“The HP, Intel and Yahoo! Cloud Computing Test Bed furthers our commitment to the global, collaborative research community that is advancing the new sciences of the Internet,” said Prabhakar Raghavan, head of Yahoo! Research. “With this test bed, not only can researchers test applications at Internet scale, they will also have access to the underlying computing systems to advance understanding of how systems software and hardware function in a cloud environment.”

Researchers at HP Labs, the central research arm of HP, will use the test bed to conduct advanced research in the areas of intelligent infrastructure and dynamic cloud services. HP Labs recently sharpened its focus to help HP and its customers capitalize on the industry’s shift toward cloud computing, a driving force behind HP’s vision of Everything as a Service. With Everything as a Service, devices and services will interact seamlessly through the cloud, and businesses and individuals will use services that anticipate their needs based on location, preferences, calendar and communities.