DEMO v. TechCrunch50、今度は記事盗用騒ぎ


空気ベッドひとつでB&B。万人宿泊マッチングの「AirBed And Breakfast」


この6週間は文字通り寸暇を惜しんで約50カ国から集まった1200以上の応募の中から最終の50組を選抜すべく、出願のあったスタートアップの面談・電話面接に明け暮れている。 そんな折、先週はパートナーのジェイソン・カラカニス(Jason Calacanis)がデモ企業に向けアドバイスをまとめので、ここで氏の考えを再掲した。

そしたら、TechCrunch50の競合相手で裏金ベースのDEMOが、ジェイソンの書いた記事の内容は10年前に自分たちが出した“What the DEMO Gods Know that Smart Entrepreneurs Should Learn”という記事の盗用だなどと、ひどいことを言ってきた。同じくジェイソンの記事を再掲したブロガーAlexander Museに宛て、Deb McAlisterはこうメールで書いている。

From: “Deb McAlister”
Date: August 10, 2008 9:48:06 AM CDT
To: “‘Alexander Muse’”
Subject: VERY familiar advice from Startup Blog

This “advice” on demos is almost a verbatim lift from a piece I wrote over 10 years ago for David Coursey, who was Chris Shipley’s predecessor as host of the DEMO Conference. Our piece was called “What the DEMO Gods Know that Smart Entrepreneurs Should Learn”. David was the host of DEMO when Google and many, many other top products launched there – and he’s my business partner in a new start-up that’s at the seed-round stage.

Our original tips were in a slightly different order (the first tip was the same, we put the taboo about PowerPoint in at #2, etc.), but we covered EVERY one of these points in the written piece (which was on the DEMO web site for three years), in our coaching sessions for DEMO demonstrators, and in articles published in a range of magazines. Of the 2,200 or so words you included in your blog, 1,893 were DIRECTLY lifted from our piece. Am I claiming a copyright violation? Not against your blog. I feel certain you published it with no thought to who owned the source material.

So why write to you on a Sunday morning? Because I wanted you to know that whoever this person is, he’s probably not someone you want to put a lot of faith in if he’s borrowing this heavily from old material. If he plagiarizes old DEMO material while trashing DEMO, can you trust him to honor NDA’s? To keep your embargoed information safe until launch date? Not to share financial information with potential competitors? I think not. Really, just FYI only – I truly enjoy your blog posts, and thought you might want to know the original source of the material that came across this morning.

Deb McAlister-Holland



いったい何が起こっているんだろう? DEMOは単に腐ったスパゲッティをどっちゃり投げつけて、何本か壁に当たったらラッキー…というようなことをやっている。こんなことでローンチ準備中の素晴らしいスタートアップの気が散らないようにしようね。こっちが聞いた話が本当なら、DEMOの騒ぎも間もなく静まるはずだ。