Amazon Web Serviceから無料で利用できる巨大データセットが公開される



Amazonは以前に予告していた公開データセット(Public Data Set)ウェブサービスを今晩(米国時間12/4)ローンチした。このプロジェクトはデベロッパーや研究機関、大学、企業などがAmazonに対して、国勢調査や遺伝子などの(秘密でない)大量のデータをアップロードし、他のユーザーが独自のAWS(AmazonWeb Service)で利用できるようにしようというもの。






Public Data Sets on AWS provides a centralized repository of public datasets that can be seamlessly integrated into AWS cloud-based applications.AWS is hosting the public data sets at no charge for the community, andlike all AWS services, users pay only for the compute and storage theyuse for their own applications. An initial list of data sets is alreadyavailable, and more will be added soon.

Previously, large data sets such as the mapping of the Human Genome andthe US Census data required hours or days to locate, download, customize,and analyze. Now, anyone can access these data sets from their Amazon ElasticCompute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances and start computing on the data withinminutes. Users can also leverage the entire AWS ecosystem and easily collaboratewith other AWS users. For example, users can produce or use prebuilt serverimages with tools and applications to analyze the data sets. By hostingthis important and useful data with cost-efficient services such as AmazonEC2, AWS hopes to provide researchers across a variety of disciplines andindustries with tools to enable more innovation, more quickly.


(翻訳:Namekawa, U)