Cogheadがサービス停止, デッドプール入りへ


Googleさんフランス語を勉強してね; "Vimeo"を"YouTube"と訳すなんて


このサイトが2006年の10月に復帰したときには、本誌は競合サイトに比べてアクセスしやすい点をほめた。さらにその後本誌は、同社をたびたび取り上げ(英語)(日本語記事)、ユーザが自分のアプリケーション(Cogletと呼ばれる)をどのWebページにも埋め込めることや、アフィリエート事業の立ち上げ、そして最近の、Adobe Flexを使うCoghead 2.0の紹介、などなどを記事にしてきた。


Dear Valued Coghead Customer:

On behalf of the entire Coghead team, I would like to thank you for your past business. We have taken pride in offering you our state-of-the-art Platform-as-a-Service to support your development of software applications. Regretfully, due to the impact of economic challenges, Coghead has discontinued its operations.

Effective immediately, the Coghead service and the license agreement to which customers agreed when they registered for the service are terminated. However, existing customers will be able to access and use their applications and data through until April 30, 2009 on an unsupported, “as is” basis without any representations or warranties (express or implied) or indemnity from Coghead or any other party. To use the service during this period, customers must go to and accept the specified terms of use listed. Effective immediately, all access and use of the applications and data available through shall be pursuant to the terms listed at

Customers should download their data that is available through before 3:00 p.m. Pacific time on April 30th. However, Customers should not attempt to copy, modify, reproduce or reverse engineer any portion of the software that is part of, or used in the delivery of, the service. Customers will not be charged for their use of the service through April 30th. In light of the foregoing, we strongly recommend that customers limit their work on existing projects and refrain from initiating new projects and application rollouts.

Basic support inquiries can be submitted to until 3:00 p.m. Pacific time on April 30, 2009.

Thank you again for your past business and support.