TwitVidはビデオスタートアップのFliggoのサービスだ。Fliggoの共同ファウンダー、Chrys Baderは単刀直入に「われわれはビデオ版のTwitPicを目指す」と述べた。これは興味深いトレンドの変化かもしれない。数か月前、多くのビデオスタートアップはもっと野心的で、「ビデオ版のTwitterを目指す」と言っていた。しかしBaderは12secondsSeesmicがやっているようなビデオをベースにした独自のコミュニティーを作るつもりはない。その代り、TwitVidは既存のTwitterを利用して、そこに新たな機能を付け加えようとしている。


In fact, Bader and the rest of the Fliggo team see such an opportunity in becoming the TwitPic of video for Twitter that they’ve completely refocused their company to be about this new product. And thanks to their core Fliggo product, which is Y Combinator-backed, the team was able to build TwitVid and get it up and running in just 4 days, according to Bader.

Bader hopes that many of the celebrities that use TwitPic like Ashton Kutcher, will start using TwitVid as well. Today they already got Playboy to use it, always a good way to spur usage — or at least awareness of your product. As you can see below the Playboy video, all the replies to the initial TwitVid tweet and captured and placed below the video on the TwitVid page.

Currently the site runs Google ads alongside the videos, but Bader tells me that they’re working on an iPhone app to work with the new iPhone 3.0 software. And presumably with the recently more concrete new version of the iPhone that can record video.

It’s worth noting that the company does not have the .com domain name for TwitVid. Instead they use — as in “video,” get it?

Update: Bader has just told me: “Anyone can just email their video from their mobile to and we’ll process it for them.  They have to link an e-mail account, which they can do before or after e-mailing us the video.”



(翻訳:Namekawa, U)