nambu 「なーんちゃって。サービスは停止しません」―が、依然買い手募集中






“As they say in point number four on their blog post, “This was not a public-relations stunt. At all.” Sure, but it was an awful business decision — one that had to be reversed for any hope of a reasonable sale for them.

In their post today, they also make it very clear that they still blame Twitter for showing favoritism (Twitter uses as its default shortener), which led to the rash decision to shut off the service. We’ve also heard they were considering doing the same thing to their Twitter client over the same issue.

Nambu also notes that it won’t just offload the site to anyone:

We too want to see live on, but feel we can only transition it to another party committed to ensuring the links are not highjacked in any way. A contract for sale to an unknown group or individual simply cannot guarantee that.

This somewhat explains the multiple emails we’ve gotten from interested parties saying that Nambu is simply not responding to their inquiries about the sale. But a lot of these parties are reputable, so I’m not entirely sure what is going on over at Nambu. Perhaps they just didn’t want to engage some of these offers until the service was back on, and they had some leverage.

[photo: flickr/striatic]