Time Inc.、Sports Illustrated誌のデジタルサブスクリプション版を提供開始



インターネットには欠損部分が存在した。すなわち、スポーツレビューと、年に一度の美女特集を行うSports Illustrated(SI)誌のことだ。しかしTime Inc.はついに、ウェブ、Android、およびWebOSから全記事にアクセスできるデジタルサブスクリプション版の提供を開始した。



尚、SIが携帯端末向けのサービスを展開するのは始めてのことではない。iPadアプリケーションもリリースしているし、AndroidおよびFantasy Football向けにはHTML5版も提供している。こうしたスポーツコンテンツに加え、SIはこれまでのSwimsuiteシリーズを拡大して、水着女性の写真などを3Dでも提供していく予定にしている。


ともかく、スポーツがタブレット端末向けコンテンツのフロンティアであることは間違いない。The Dailyでも、他の特集を削ってでもスポーツ関連情報に注力している。SIは正しい方向に踏み出し始めており、タブレット版に徐々にシフトしていくことにより、自らの余命を少なくとも数年は伸ばすことになるだろう。



SPORTS ILLUSTRATED Launches New Magazine Apps for Android Tablets and Smartphones

New York, NY (2.11.10) – Time Inc. and SPORTS ILLUSTRATED announced the introduction of new “All Access” digital subscription plans that will deliver the iconic print magazine to consumers at all touch points (or on all platforms) beginning today with Android tablets and smartphones as well as on the web at http://www.si.com/magazine. This is the first of Time Inc.’s emerging digital subscription programs, designed to offer consumers a flexible approach to accessing its branded titles. Earlier this week, Time Inc. announced plans to make TIME, Fortune, People and SPORTS ILLUSTRATED available for subscription on the HP TouchPad when it is introduced later this year.

The new apps from the editors of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED are an extension of the title’s aggressive development initiative. In the last eight months SI has introduced a new magazine iPad app, SI Snapshot (developed in HTML5) for Google Chrome and a new SI Facebook Fantasy Football game. There are also several new Swimsuit digital products, including 3D, coming out on February 15. And last week, a concept for SPORTS ILLUSTRATED on the Android Honeycomb was showcased by Google.

“We view every new technology as an opportunity to provide our long-time subscribers with digital access to the magazine and at the same time attract new readers,” said Terry McDonell, Time Inc. Sports Group Editor. “Our editors and designers have stepped up to customize the best-possible version of SI for various platforms and technologies.”

Beginning today, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED “All Access” includes new magazine apps for the Samsung Galaxy and Android smartphones (OS 2.1 and higher); web access to the issue (after log in) can be found at http://www.si.com/magazine. The specific plans are:
• Print/Digital (Samsung Galaxy/Android Smartphone/Web): $48 annually or $4.99/month
• Digital Only: $3.99/month
• Current print subscribers have free access to the digital package throughout the remainder of their term

“This is a significant step in delivering SPORTS ILLUSTRATED’s award-winning journalism to sports fans everywhere and in any way they want it,” said Mark Ford, Time Inc. EVP and President of its Sports Group. “The new subscription options give consumers flexibility and convenience they desire and ensures that our multiple revenue streams continue to grow.” SPORTS ILLUSTRATED currently boasts nearly 3.15 million print subscribers.
Time Inc./Sports Illustrated “All Access” -2-

The executive team includes Editor-in Chief John Huey, Executive Vice Presidents Steve Sachs and Maurice Edelson and Senior Vice President/Chief Informational Officer Mitch Klaif.

“We are in the first inning of development and with this new, expanded commerce infrastructure we can ensure that our readers will be able to enjoy their favorite titles across an array of digital platforms and devices as the game unfolds,” said Randall Rothenberg, Time Inc. EVP/Chief Digital Officer.


(翻訳:Maeda, H)