U.S.GREEはレイオフ後, 社員の多くを東京本社へ一極集中–同社社内メモより


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GREEの昨日の発表は、これまでの無駄を認める短い声明だったが、詳しい説明はなかった。しかし本誌の情報筋によると、30名以上のレイオフが行われる[アップデート: 同社は正確な数は25名と確認した]。同社の前四半期は、前年同期比で利益が25%も減少した。今回のリストラ発表は、いわばそれの結果だ。日本政府からはゲームの仕組みの一部について叩かれ、海外への拡張努力で出費が嵩んだ。同社は2000年代の日本のスタートアップの最大の成功例だが、しかしその国内市場は飽和に近くなっている。


[引用部分, 英文ママ]

Today we are announcing a reorganization of GII to better focus our growing US operations on 1st and 2nd party game development. These changes will combine the majority of Platform Product and Engineering with Studio teams (managed by VPs Ram Gudavalli and Andy Keidel) and Platform Developer Relations and Marketing teams with Player Marketing teams (managed by VP Sho Masuda).

This organizational change is our best path to revenue acceleration for our core US Studio business and the GREE platform business globally. A transition of the GII platform business operations will be managed over the next few weeks in conjunction with this reorganization. Overall we expect this reorganization will achieve two goals for us here at GII:

1.Simplify US operations from two separate business lines to one aligned organization, increasing our operational efficiency.
2.Create additional support to accelerate revenue growth for the GII Studio business by concentrating talent and resources into one business line.

To support these goals we are creating two new organizations:

1.We are creating the Publishing and Partnerships team, a hybrid publishing business for equity investments in outside studios with emphasis on our 2nd party expansion. VP Jim Ying will lead this effort supported by SVP Shanti Bergel’s corporate development team.

2.Also being created is a new Growth and Revenue team formally the “Incubation Layer” and will focus on tools and services for 1st and 2nd party games and investment partners. The Growth and Revenue Product will report to SVP Anil Dharni with VP Ram Gudavalli leading the engineering team.

Unfortunately, there are individuals who will be leaving the business today but wherever possible, we’ve re-assigned team members to new roles allowing us to take full advantage of the incredible talent at GII.

We expect to share additional details on the re-organization with the entire company in the coming days and weeks.

This reorganization impacts us all and we ask that you handle the situation and information in the most responsible manner. We appreciate everyone’s support and focus during this time of transition.

Business leaders will be available and walking around if you or your team have questions.

Thank you.



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