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IntelはHTML5力強化に真剣, appMobiから開発ツールセット一式を買い上げ



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その書簡の中でappMobiは、Intelの手中に渡るものを詳しく説明している。それらは、モバイルWebとWindows 8とWindows PhoneとiOSとAndroidなどなど多くのプラットホームをカバーするアプリ開発/試験ツールの集合だ。

Intelが買収したHTML5開発ツールは、appMobiのXDK IDE、PhoneGap XDK、GameDev XDK、モバイル開発フレームワークjqMobiとjqUI、HTML5アクセラレーションappStarter、アプリ制作ツールappSnap、ハイブリッドパッケージャOpenBuildとchromeBuild、オンデバイスデバッグツールdebugMobiとtestAnywhere、機能強化版WebブラウザMobius、Windows 8/Windows Phone 8用アプリテンプレート、iOS/Android用テストコンテナappLab、およびFacebookとTwitter用認証接続ライブラリである。

appMobiは今後継続するIntelとの(より有利な)戦略的関係を、支払の一部として受け取るらしい。またappMobiが提供を続けるクラウドサービスにおいても、これらの開発ツールは利用される。そのサービスの中には、iOS、Android、Windows 8、およびHTML5上のクロスプラットホームなアプリ収益化ソリューションがあり、モバイルだけでなくデスクトップもカバーしている。




Dear appMobi Developers:

Today we are pleased to inform you about appMobi’s new strategic relationship with Intel that includes the acquisition of appMobi’s HTML5 development tools division and ongoing integration and availability of appMobi’s monetization and engagement cloud services.

You may not be aware that in 2012, our HTML5 developer base grew by 6X to over 150,000 and that growth rate is still increasing. We are especially proud of that growth and the fact that a powerful industry leader such as Intel has chosen to invest resources and capital to continue scaling the HTML5 ecosystem. As a top tier supporter of HTML5, Intel is ideal in this respect. We believe the combination of our HTML5 tools and services with Intel’s resources will make 2013 the “tipping point” year for HTML5.

For app developers, our relationship with Intel means an exponential increase in resources and R&D going into the tools that support cross platform development with HTML5. Intel’s strong and vocal support of HTML5 eliminates any doubts developers might have had about committing to an open, cross platform solution.

Migration of existing appMobi developer accounts and apps to Intel is seamless, following a one-time re-registration the first time a developer logs in.

The HTML5 development tools acquired by Intel include appMobi’s XDK IDE, PhoneGap XDK, GameDev XDK, jqMobi and jqUI mobile development frameworks, directCanvas HTML5 acceleration, appStarter and appSnap app creation tools, OpenBuild and chromeBuild hybrid app packagers, debugMobi and testAnywhere on-device debugging tools, Mobius enhanced web browser, Windows 8/ Windows Phone 8 app templates, appLab test containers for iOS and Android, and Facebook and Twitter authentication and connection libraries.

Going forward, appMobi continues as a strong, ‘pure play’ cloud services company, focused on advancing the HTML5 platform. The two biggest challenges facing app developers today are engagement and monetization. The appMobi cloud answers these challenges, delivering important capabilities to your mobile apps, including in-app purchasing, on-device updates, push messaging, app store analytics, social gamification, and much more.

As an appMobi developer, How will this affect me?

The short answer is that this is a great thing for you and your apps, and it validates your choice of appMobi for HTML5 development. Other than a one-time registration for Intel, there’s nothing else you need to do or change. It’s painless!

While appMobi is considered a leader in the mobile app development world, Intel is a top tier technology company, respected worldwide for its leadership and innovation. Intel now owns all the HTML5 development tools that made you choose appMobi, and they are committed to applying their resources and efforts to continue to improve and advance them. Although a few names will change, these tools will now be supported and enhanced by Intel.

As a pure-play cloud services company now, appMobi will still provide the solutions that power mobile apps across all platforms, giving your apps in-app purchasing, live updates, push messaging, gamification, app store analytics, and more. The availability and integration of our cloud services will be just as before, ensuring that you can continue to take advantage of the great engagement and monetization capabilities that appMobi has always offered for your current and future apps.

As an HTML5 developer, we hope you realize the importance of such a major industry player getting behind HTML5. It’s a huge step toward the continuing deployment, improvement, and ultimate success of HTML5.

(翻訳:iwatani(a.k.a. hiwa))