scott bryan
Imagine H2O

水資源スタートアップのアクセラレータImagine H2Oの今年の年次賞は地下の漏水を見つけるUtilisが受賞



水資源関連のスタートアップを育成するアクセラレータImagine H2O(IH2O)が、今年の最優秀賞をイスラエルのUtilisに授与した。同社の技術は、衛星画像を分析して上水道など飲用水システムの地下の漏水を検出する。アメリカ人は、蛇口や散水器具などの漏水により、、毎年1兆ガロンの水を無駄にしている。しかしUtilisの技術が見つけるのは、都市市場に水を供給している大きなシステム(水道管網など)の漏水で、自治体の水道部門などによる早期修復のお手伝いをして大きな事故を未然に防ぐ。

毎年IH2Oは、世界の水資源に関するさまざまな問題に取り組んでいるスタートアップを、賞の形で結集している。今年のテーマは、単純に“データ”だった。IH2Oの理事長Scott Bryanはこう述べる: “水を扱う場合、データはきわめて重要だ。たとえば海水淡水化プラントは、漏水に関する正しいデータがなければ正しい意思決定もできない。また、水の移送に要するエネルギー費用のデータも必要だ。データがなければ計画もできないし、水に関する意義ある事業もできない”。






【訳注: 以下、リストは英文ママ(長いので!)】

  • Acoustic Sensing Technology (UK): Acoustic signaling hardware and analytical tools to measure and monitor the serviceability of sewers, pipes and ducts in real-time. With faster and cheaper performance than CCTV surveys, SewerBatt’s high-accuracy assessments generate actionable data for intervention and maintenance scheduling.
  • Utilis (Israel): Low-cost, high accuracy remote sensing technology for leak detection in urban supply systems. Using spectral satellite imagery to monitor drinking water in the ground, proprietary algorithms identify leaks in user-friendly GIS reports and quantify the financial implications of non-revenue water loss.
  • Triple Bottom Line Enterprises (Ethiopia): Smart phone-enabled tools for land surveying, pipeline design, and network management to develop affordable piped water infrastructure in rural communities. Flowius, the company’s latest product, converts geospatial inputs into pipeline design software for local engineers.
  • EMAGIN (Canada): Cloud-based, Artificial Intelligence platform to help water utilities proactively manage infrastructure operations. HARVI, the company’s flagship product, provides system-wide monitoring, generates alerts for anomalies, and creates GIS-based visualization of system KPIs.
  • Pluto AI (USA): Advanced predictive analytics platform for water management powered by Deep Learning models. Using proprietary algorithms, Pluto AI integrates available data into actionable intelligence to help users prevent water wastage, predict asset failures and reduce operational costs.
  • AquaSeca (USA): High-performance, non-invasive leak detection and remote monitoring system for plumbing infrastructure in buildings. Easy-to-install acoustic sensors are strapped onto water pipes to manage water consumption data, generate alerts and trigger automatic shut-off valves.
  • Flo Technologies (USA): Water monitoring and control system for single family homes that proactively identifies potential water risks and abnormalities, learns consumption habits and triggers alerts via wifi to a user’s smartphone.
  • FREDSense (Canada): Portable, cost-effective, biosensor and testing platform that can detect chemicals up to 1 part per billion in under 1 hour. The portable detector and single-use cartridge system transmits data and analytics to decision makers and can be customized for a range of different contaminants.
  • Sutro (USA): Broad spectrum colorimetric sensor technology and analytics platform to measure real-time water quality and chemistry. Its proprietary sensor is self-calibrating and does not require a human-testing interface. Broad application to a range of contaminants from nitrates to arsenic.
  • Arable Labs (USA): Proprietary in-field monitors and predictive analytics tools measure real-time microclimate weather data and plant growth drivers to generate actionable insights on yield, harvest timing, and crop quality. Initial focus on US specialty crops including strawberries, grapes and tomatoes.
  • Lotic Labs (USA): Hydrological risk assessment software and analytics platform eliminates costly and time-intensive data analysis and reporting for water-dependent industries. Lotic Labs enable users to manage multidisciplinary datasets for simulations and modeling, assess the performance of a business’ industrial assets, and integrate insights into existing workflows.

(翻訳:iwatani(a.k.a. hiwa))