model x

テスラ、Model X 1万1000台を自主リコール



Teslaは、Model Xのごく一部で起きる可能性のあるリアシート調整ケーブルの問題に対して、「十分な注意」のための「未然防止措置」を講じる。同社は自発リコールを発行し、1万1000台のModel Xを対象として検査することを望んでいる ―― ただし実際に問題が発生する可能性があるはわずか3%だと同社は考えている。


Teslaは今日(米国時間10/12)、対象車種のオーナーにメールを送り、点検の予約を受け付ける。2016年と2017年両方のModel Xが対象だが、問題が発見された場合でも追加の部品は必要なく修理には約10分しかかからない、とTeslaが言っているのは朗報だ。



Tesla is taking a proactive action to ensure the safety of some of Model X owners who may need an adjustment to their second row seat. Model X has received the highest rating in every category and subcategory in independent safety tests conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and we continue to conduct our own internal testing to ensure that Model X remains the safest SUV in the world.
During recent internal testing, Tesla determined that a small number of cables in the second row fold-flat seats in some 2016 and 2017 Model X vehicles may need to be adjusted. Although Tesla has not received reports of any issues or accidents relating to this condition, we will be conducting a voluntary recall to inspect the affected vehicles and confirm whether any adjustment is needed. Although we have never seen any incidence of it in the field, internal testing has indicated that if the cable is not properly adjusted, the seat back on the left side of the second row seats could move forward during a crash.
Tesla will be utilizing its mobile repair service to conduct repairs as a part of this recall – we can address 100% of these repairs via mobile service, and customers will have the choice to do that or to bring their car into a Service Center. In the past two months, we have conducted roughly 40% of the Takata airbag recall repairs via mobile service, and customer satisfaction results for our mobile service offering are consistently above 97%.


(翻訳:Nob Takahashi / facebook